Nitro & Nitro Pro

The Most Innovative Single Tank Aeration Systems in the Universe!

The Nitro Filtration System utilizes the unique piston control system found in the Signature II control valve.

The Nitro Pro Filtration System is equipped with all the unique features of the Nitro System with the addition of the advanced TWEDO Function (Patent Pending).

TWEDO (Twin Electric Drive Operation) function permits Oxyclean-NP, for Chlorine or Hydrogen Peroxide induction, without the use of a feed pump during backwash.

Signature SeriesFeatures

  • Precise external air induction directly into the media tank to help prevent control valve fouling and for ease of service
  • Independently programmable air draw & backwash cycles saving THOUSANDS of gallons of water per year
  • Forward & Reverse drive motor for maximum efficiency
  • Weather/insect resistant, one piece slide cover providing quick no tool access
  • Proven electronics with simple, 2 button programming
  • 9 volt battery backup
  • Operates on low 12 vdc power
  • 7 year limited CSI factory warranty

  • SmartBlendTM media for iron, manganese, sulfur & low pH

  • VortechTM distributor plate for exceptional backwashing capability

  • Simple one tank design

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Nitro BrochureNitro & Nitro Pro Brochure



Whole House and Upflow Filters

In additon to the REACTR™ and water softeners offered by CSI, you'll find a complete line of Signature Series™ fully automatic filters along with basic non-backwashing upflow water filters. In cases where there may be elevated quantities of sediment or certain other contaminants, a filter working alone or in combination with another CSI product may be the proper solution.

Signature SeriesFeatures

  • Signature Control Valve
  • Adjustable Cycle Times
  • High Backwash Flow Capability
  • Independently Operated Inlet/Outlet Bypass Valve
  • Standard 1" Distributor Tube
  • Upflow Filter Includes 1" FNPT Manifold
  • Poly Wound Mineral Tank
  • Optional Dome Fill Hole and Closure





Filter Media Selection Guide







Granular / White / Sacrificial to water with pH < 7.0 / Max pH correction to 7.2 / Lowest pH application 5.8 / Must be replenished about every 3-6 months  

Sediment (downflow)
pH Correction

Corosex II™
Semi-round / Off-white / Magnesium Oxide / Extremely reactive to pH dissolving rapidly adding alkalinity / 30% Corosex - 70% Neutralizer is best blend for correcting low pH / Will raise pH from lows around 5.0 to as high as 9.0+ / Must be replenished frequently / Consult factory with specific application questions  
Sediment (downflow)
pH correction
Neu-Cor™ 70% neutralizer / 30% Corosex mix / Sacrificial to water with any pH / Max pH correction determined by contact time used for correction of extremely low pH down to 5.0 / Must be replenished every 3-6 months   Sediment (downflow)
pH correction
Granular Activated Carbon Granular / Black / Wide application for removal of organics and some inorganics / Must be replaced on a regular basis / Life expectancy varies based on use   Sediment (downflow)
Birm™ Granular / Gray / Must not be used on waters with a pH < 6.8 / Must have dissolved oxygen present at a level of at least 15% of iron & magnesium ppm / Max iron & magnesium level 10 ppm / Estimated life about 8-10 years   Sediment
Iron (clear & red)
Manganese (clear & red)
Filter Ag™ Granular / Off-White / Wide application for removal of sediment / Life expectancy is unlimited   Sediment
REACTR™ Blend Granular / White-Black / Blend of Neutralizer, Filter Ag & Birm / Max life expectancy about 8-10 years but is dependent upon pH   Sediment
Iron (clear & red)
Manganese (clear & red)
Sulfur Particles

SMART™ Blend

Granular / White-Black / Blend of Neutralizer, Filter Ag & FMH/ Dolomite-based media coated with Manganese Dioxide / can be used with chlorine   Sediment Iron (clear & red) Manganese (clear & red) Sulfur
"D" Gravel Semi-round / Brown / #20 Flint / Used as underbed for all media in all filters providing for excellent flow distribution in both service and backwash modes / Permanent unless fouled but can be cleaned and reused   Underbed


Filter BrochureSignature Series Filter Brochure













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